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Backpacking & Camping Gear

Price Per Day
1-3 Days4-7 Days
Backpacking pack$12$9
Day Pack$6$4
Trekking Poles$10$7
2 Person Tent$15$12
4 Person Tent$20$17
Sleeping Bag$10$7
Sleeping Pad$8$5
Coleman Lantern$4$3
Backpacking Stove$6$3
Backpacking cook kit$8$5
First Aid Kit$4$2
Bear Spray (replace if used)$4$2
Bear Fence$12$10
Wall Tent (10x12)$45$35
Cooler (60-80Qt)$5$3
Roll-up Table$10$7
Roll-up Cot$10$10
Camp Chair$5$2
Camp Stool (tripod or folding)$5$2
Small dry bag$3$2
Large dry bag$5$3
2 Burner Stove$8$5

Snow Gear

Price Per Day
1-3 Days4-7 Days
Cross Country Skis$15$12

Rafts & Tubes

Price Per Day
1-3 Days4-7 Days
9' Fishing Pontoon Raft$30$25
12' Avon Raft (Standard Floor)$75$65
12' Avon Raft w/ rowing frame$100$90
16' Maravia Raft (self-bailing)$100$90
16' Maravia Raft w/ rowing frame$125$115
19' Hyside Raft (self-bailing)$95$85
NRS Paddle$2$2
NRS River Tubes$25$20

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